Saturday, April 2, 2016

Who The Hell Is Clara?

The entire 40+ days starting on Christmas Eve were nothing short of bizarre, and there is likely a book just in those moments. But one of the most mysterious was/is Clara, and the way in which she used a tragedy to weasel in.
She showed up in the morning of the 24th, right around the same time as those few people I had called and asked to show up. I assumed she came with my cunada, my cunada assumed I knew her, and that is how the confusion begins.
So here we are, trusting in this Clara to help with very personal and delicate details throughout the entire funeral. She was actually one of those who held me back at the cemetary, and called for the police to escort the bitch outside.
She knew the buttons to push to gain my trust at first, and she did. (Stupid me) but not for long. By the middle of the 9 days, my head came out of the clouds briefly and I started asking questions...
Turned out, no one really knew who Clara was.
She was definitely not a "great" friend of Juan like she claimed. And my son didn't know her like she said he did. And she lied... a lot. Lies always make my red flags go up, not so much for the lie itself but for the why? Why tell me that my trusted friend was a friend of the whore? Well of course, to alienate me further from people I did trust, so that I would put more trust in you.
That didn't work for long.
My distrust in her made her angry, I could see it in her face sometimes. There was a competition of sorts for someone to come and wash clothes during the 40 days. I didn't want it. She went around me to the "man" who was staying in the house to "protect" us. Through him, she won. but only to wash his clothes, thanks but no thanks bitch, leave my stuff alone.
And I know what some of you are thinking now, just another amante of Juan's. But no, that was not the case, I checked. She knew him in passing, through mutual friends and maybe even the prostitute, but she never spent that type of time with him.
So what was her end game?
Money maybe? the house after I left? I don't know and try not to care, but I still think about it sometimes.
Think of how there are people in this world who look at one's suffering as a way to gain. Sick and twisted to take advantage of a person in shock, a person in mourning, to weasel your way in and then expect some type of compensation. But such is life for some people, I just strive to be above that.
She may think at times that she "bested" me. That I never saw through the facade. Yet I managed to pull of stuff behind her back that still has her (and others) scratching their heads.
Screw me once they say... I have learned my lesson. No one gets to screw me twice anymore.
So who the hell is Clara? Some desperate nobody who desperately tries to manipulate and control people she sees as weak. She misread me big time.
More on Clara next time.....


LaDuena said...

Wow!! That is unreal!! Just curious your home was a rented home or your's? Because if it was rented well the owners won't let her keep it!! What a phsyco!! Hope she didn't get into yor personal stuff

prox 190 said...

The home belongs to his family who still has the man staying there. He's like in love with this wack-a-doo lady, but that's their problem now and a story for another day. She crossed the line a few times, but once the 40 days were over I had found a way to keep her out of the house until we left.

LaDuena said...
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LaDuena said...

Im still shocked! Hope you and little man are adjusting well. She sounds crazy!! Or do you know if it was the man who was protecting you guys lover maybe? Can't wait tonhear the rest!!

K Griff said...

Bye bye Felicia!

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Maya Alexander said...

This is something that demands courage from her side.
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phann son said...

Im still shocked! Hope you and little man are adjusting well. She sounds crazy!! Or do you know if it was the man who was protecting you guys lover maybe? Can't wait tonhear the rest!!

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