Thursday, March 17, 2016

Undisclosed Destination

Elvis has left the armpit... That is what my FB post read to a select few as we sat in an airport waiting for a connecting flight. My new post would read "Elvis has left the right armpit for the left one" had I known at the time what our undisclosed destination looked like.
Leaving was a bitch, and involved the help of a few GREAT friends (you know who you are) that helped with places to stay, airline miles, food, and huge amounts of support all while staying very quiet about our plans. I will never be able to thank them enough for the help they provided in helping us leave.
Did I leave with my tail between my legs? No. My head is held high knowing that I did the absolute best I could for the people I care about and once there was nothing more I could do, I left. I left before something even worse than what already had, happened to the one person I care the most about. I dare anyone to try and tell me now that I am selfish or don't care about my kid. Unless you have personally gone through the horror movie like type shit that we just went through, you have no ground on which to base your judgement on.
Am I sad? Of course. That was our home for a long time. We miss having a home now. We miss being able to wash clothes every day, and the mangoes. and Lucy and her puppies. Certain things and people I can't even think about without tearing up. But life moves on, and slowly but surely we will too.  


LaDuena said...

Welcome back! Only you know what, why where etc..... Screw those that don't understand and they don't have too! I hope Juanito adjusts and that your lives has a new and essy transition! Best of luck!!

Anonymous said...

I am so glad and relieved you both made it out safely. And so happy to hear you have awesome and amazing friends who had the means to make thst happen.

Keep your head up know you did what's best for your little one and yourself.

Screw those who called you selfish...the right word is selfLESS. Don't give them anymore of your time or energy because they just don't care. I personally know the horror shit that goes on here...they Don't obviously..

And Lucy.....I hope she and her babies are in a good home...if not maybe I can take them in with me....she kind of grew on me....

I miss you guys, but I'm relieved you are out of here and safe

Andrea in Santa Ana

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