Wednesday, March 12, 2014

A Bit More Then I Can Chew

I don't even remember the last time I posted, but I was compelled to tonight after reading the 3rd message in a week wondering if were OK.  We are, and I am thankful to know that there are people out there you think of me and Juanito.
I know I posted about finding another on-line job, writing.  Here's a secret:  If you read a lot of on-line articles you may be reading something from me and not even know it.  I was hired by a company late last year and it has been a bit more than I can handle.  So much so that I have obviously had to neglect my favorite writing just to keep up.  To give you an idea, I write anywhere from 50 to 70 350 to 500 word articles a week.  I am sure now you can understand why blogging is the last thing on my mind.
So to get up to speed:
The end of last year was absolutely fantastic.  I got to meet some new friends in person.  We had a turkey dinner complete with all of the fixings sometime before Christmas, where a new friend, T, and her family were able to join C and her family along with Juani and I.  The food of course was good, but the company even better.
The following week I got to meet yet another gringa in El Salvador live, A. It was a pleasure to get to hang out for a moment and chill with English speaking people over the age of 10.
So thank you both T and A, I need to catch up with both of you again soon.
That was the highlight of the holidays for me.  
I turned 41 in January and Juanito started 4th grade.  We still have all of our pets and have added a parrot to the mix who greets me every morning with buenos, hola chiquito.  It's pretty cool.  People tell me my son is getting fat, which warms my heart since I can see the fruits of my labor on my sons stomach.  Ice cream is made when I have the time, and will go fast when I tell people I have it.  I only cater to a select group of people which works out well for me.  On occasion they will make a special request, usually horchata, which I am happy to fulfill.
What else?  Lets see... I finally bought new glasses. The doctor was even appalled at how horrible my old ones were and that is by ES standards, so you can only imagine how bad they were.  I have been blind since I was 9, but this was the first eye exam I have ever had that took less than 10 minutes.  It didn't occur to me until I sat down in the chair that not really knowing the Spanish alphabet was going to be a problem, but I muddled through and can once again see clearly.
School has its ups and downs.  We seem to be doing better academically, but struggle socially.  Like come on already kids, he has been in your class for 3 years.  Yes he is white and yes he has freckles.  Get over it and leave him alone.  I explain that it is jealousy because he is too cute, but he doesn't care.
In Juan news:
Not much new to report there. He has brought the twins to our house once, right after Christmas but never again.  He is still here, but between his crazy work schedule coupled with spending time with those kids and my jobs we don't interact much.  Which is better all around.  Let him figure his own shit out while I grow the courage to move on.  There have been a couple of bus incidents with the whore since school started.  My favorite being where I started to get on one, saw she was there and very loudly declared that I don't ride with prostitutes before stepping off.  I am sure she got some great boo hoo mileage from that with my husband but as far as I am concerned, she can have him.  The last time I was already on the bus when she got on behind me.  I just continued chatting with my friend while she seethed in her seat.  She still has no balls to come at me face to face and I thank God everyday that she lost my number.
The election:
Well isn't this an interesting turn of events?  I am happy at who has been declared the winner, for now anyway, but do have to admit that it really is too close to call.  I know that this already was a run-off but with a less then 7000 person difference out of 3 million votes?  That is like a box of votes that someone missed during the count.  It would be better to just do the whole thing over.  And yes, they do a manual count here.  Which is crazy to me.  They were actually showing the people on the news pulling the ballots out of boxes and counting them, one by one.  Maybe instead of sending more troops to places that don't really want help from the U.S., they could spend that money helping countries like this one invest in some electronic voting booths.  At least then there is no worries about someone burning a box of ballots out of spite. Just a thought.
Well that sums it up for now. I make no promises about when I will post again.  But if you find yourself reading an article on line and feel like the language is a bit like mine, well you never know.  It just may be me.

Thanks again for all the thoughts sent my way.


Anonymous said...

So, so happy to hear from you again! Also good to know you and Juani are doing well. Best wishes and hope to hear from you again soon. Sending blessings your way...

mel said...

Thanks for the update - miss your blogging but glad things are going well for you. 50-70 articles a week . . . unbelievable!!!!

Janet Smith said...

So happy to read all is going well. And as someone who has had the privilege of meeting Juani, he is cute and I suspect will only become more handsome the older he gets. Undoubtedly some envy is going on with his classmates.
Very interesting time to be in El Salvador, isn't it? And thanks for all your support this past year. I am growing to love this country more and more and it is not always the easiest place to live. Jan

svillarreal said...

Wow, I can't believe you are still putting up with this. You deserve so much more for yourself and your son. I pray you can get out of this situation and see your worth. You are so strong to put up with as much as you have, but I worry for you and your son every time I read about your life. God Bless!

Anonymous said...

So glad you blogged! I keep checking back and started to get worried for you. I hope you continue to blog when you are able, even a few words are nice. I wish you all the best! You are one truly amazing woman!

Tara said...

Awesome to read a post from you. You've definitely been missed! Glad to read things are good. Hope you get a chance to post again soon but I know you are busy.... at least I know where to find you on

svillarreal said...

I saw the pictures of the twins, adorable. If you are going to stay and your husbands only concern is for the babies. Maybe you should just take over them and show her how a real women takes care of her kids. Your a great mother.

Josh Dent said...

Wow! I just found this blog today. This is an interesting story. I hope to hear more about it if time permits for you in the future.

Miss Willing said...

Hello again! It is great to hear that life is going well for your and things are settling out/in and life is feeling even. You are an amazing woman and I have been inspired by you each step of your way. I hope to hear more from you soon, but I am glad that you are being kept busy with work.

And, you are correct that the kids are just jealous of Juani at school. He will learn that to be true himself soon enough :)


Ari Heller said...

I found your blog on Friday and basically did nothing but read it all weekend! You have a real gift for storytelling! My absolute favorite was the one about transporting the dead guy. What a crazy tale! I've been wanting to start a blog for years and you inspired me to finally start. Thank you. Please keep going.

Kelly Birch said...

Hello! Thank you for sharing your story & journey. It is incredible how far you have traveled for family.

I am currently studying deportations from the US to Central America from the perspective of people who have been deported and their families and loved ones. I would love to talk to you more about your experience. Can I shoot you an email?

Thank you again!

Jennifer Reyes said...

Kelly my e-mail is