Monday, December 23, 2013

Wait And See

I don't like to tell a story that has no ending, so I have been holding back for a couple of months now waiting for something to resolve, yet as I suspected there is no resolution because it was all a load of bullshit to begin with.  I had to put a halt on the ice-cream for a little while as we waited to see....
I was hanging laundry while I thought Juan was asleep when I started to hear him yelling from behind the door.  What I could make out was basically a lot of cursing and telling someone that this is what they get for bullshitting in the street.  And then he left, but not before telling me to stay in the house.
Less then a minute later he was calling, asking me to write down the license plate number of a car that was parked in front of my neighbors.  As I am not one to participate in drama I just did it, no questions asked.
30 minutes later and I am settling down to work when he comes back totally frazzled.  He needs me to go with him to the police station, more specifically the detective station.  It was on the way there that I got to hear the nonsense.
The prostitute had gone to centro that morning with one of her kids, leaving the babies and her oldest with a sitter.  Supposedly 2 guys went to the house while she was gone and demanded rent.  This has never been confirmed.  On top of that she got a call for 200 dollars or the babies would die.  So of course she called her knight in shining armor who just happens to be married to me, he went, got her, took the phone and called back the number.  The guy who answered told him that he knew who he was, that he did not live with the bitch, but had a white little boy.  He also said that if the rent was not paid he was going to kill the bitch and all of her kids.  There was never any mention of me, or my house.  Funny how they had so much information but never mention of the wife.
So what you do in this situation is give that phone chip to the police who will wait for them to call back.  Meanwhile they attempt to find out who the owner is and where the call originated from. In this case the call came from an area very close to where the whore was when she got the call.  What a coincidence.
But to be safe, I was told to lay low and show no signs of a business in the house. Ok, whateves.
Now, a few things to note:  4 days before said call, a friend of a friend of my in-laws had told the whore that my brother-in-law makes a lot of money in the U.S.  Not true.  And when you think about this, you have to wonder why would they demand rent from a lazy piece of shit who has to beg money from my husband to buy toilet paper.  She can not even wipe her own ass, where would she get 200 bucks.
The third is the failure to mention me or the house.  My woman instinct tells me that this was a "see, I am in danger" story.  If I were to be brought into it, then there would be an obligation to protect me, as if, as well as her.  So keep the focus only on the whore, her house and her kids.  Does not wash with me since everyone and their mother knows who I am and who Juan lives with.  If it were for real, they would have gone after the gringa with the money tree, not the slut without her own pot to piss in.  And as I assumed, the police never got another call.

Easing back on the ice cream was easy as I am swamped with my sales job and nighttime writing gig.  I would like to go back in January, but only with horchata. That was my biggest hit anyway.  I have decided to table the cow idea for now and use the money I have put aside to invest in a new computer.  I can make more with my brains and the internet in a day then I would in a month selling ice-cream.  I just love the idea, so want to continue it on a small scale.
And speaking of ice-cream, there is big news coming from my side of the Lempa.  The Don Juan in San Miguel now carries Ben & Jerry's.  Bought some last night and am looking forward to vegging out later today to a crappy movie and a pint.  My son has yet to understand why I squealed for joy in the middle of the crowded store, but he will, he will. If I feel like sharing.


TamaraS said...

Love your stories. I moved to GT about 10 months ago and your writing has helped me to understand Central American culture a little better. I'm always routing for you and Juani :-)

skotch said...
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skotch said...

Please post if there is any news about the volcano.

Kathy said...

Hi! Just a quick Hello! Hoping you and Juani and doing well and having a nice week--and that everything is working itself out. Take care! Bye!

Anonymous said...

Hi! Jennifer
I have been following your Blog since the very beginning. Enjoyed reading all of your post and telling your story as it is and as it happens.I must confess that I am addicted to read it or checking it on a daily basis. Not having heard from you on the Blog for over 2 months has us worried and left thinking that something bad might have happen to you or Juanito. Life is scary in El Salvador with the amount of gang activities, no one is immune from them. Hopefully everything is well with you and your son.All the best to you, you are braver then you might think. Take Care and we miss your writing.

Anonymous said...

Hello... I also have been following your blog for a few years. At the time I was with a man from El Salvador and we had discussed moving back to his home country. I naturally found your amazing blog :)

It has been awhile since your last post and I assume life is busy and perhaps your ice cream business has taken off?!? Would love to get an update soon.

Hope you are well,