Sunday, December 1, 2013

Sunday Juani Day

Well, at least in one aspect my son has some of my genes.  Not math, but reading and writing.  I think he has been watching me with all these different writing projects the last few weeks and decided to try it out on his own.  He also asked me to buy him a book about legends in El Salvador.  So he wrote about 5 different stories.  I thought it might be fun to dedicate Sunday posts to Juanito.  I will do my best with a translation at the bottom:

                                         EL ASTRONAUTA FANTASMA                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

dicen que el astronauta fantasma aparece en el espacio a los astronautas y dicen que era un astronauta que murio y se  comvirtio en fantasma y tiene su traje y su craneo flota igual que su traje y el caso mas sonado fue que les aparecio aun astronauta que fue al baño y vio al astronauta fantasma le aparecio y de adelante pasaban cosas raras hasta que aterrisaron el astronauta fatasma se retiro y fin y aqui su forma

The ghost astronaut. They say the ghost appears in space.  Astronauts  say he was an astronaut who died and converted to a  ghost and has his suit and skull floats like his costume and the most famous case was that it appeared to them in the the bathroom and saw the astronaut ghost appeared to him and later went weird stuff until the ghost left.  The end Here is how he looked
The picture he chose came from a game he was playing which is where I guess he got the idea.  Not the best, but I am sure that Kurt Vonnegut wasn't much better when he was only 9.


Stephanie G said...

Great story! That is so awesome that he is interested in writing! It is rare to find a 9 year old boy interested in writing. I wish my son would be. I can't wait to hear more from Juan!!

Kathy said...

Hi to you and Juani from one of your blogger friends who hasn't written yet! I'm rooting for you two and wish you a very happy holiday season! Tell Juani that his story is excellent (I'm a teacher and I'd give him a good grade!) and to keep up the good work! Writing also helps with reading (sounding out, etc.) and if you can get him to become a reader, he'll be set for life!
Good luck with everything and feel free to check out what's happening in Nepal with us in the mission field. Juani may enjoy seeing the children and the school here in the education posts on our blog. Bye!

skotch said...

All of the people I know from El Salvador never use periods or commas, and it is interesting to see that Juanito did not either. Don't they teach punctuation in the schools there?

skotch said...

Plus I like the story. It is great that he is self motivated to be creative like that.