Tuesday, November 26, 2013

What A Weekend

As I have already shared, I have been doing some writing on the side.  Ghost writing if you want to call it that.  I have a 30 article a week committment.  Same boring subject matter each week.  And I am a procrastinator so it was no surprise that Saturday morning I still had 17 articles to write, with a Sunday deadline.  I am up at the crack of dawn, anxious to get at least one article finished before a quick trip to centro, and then head back to finish at least another 8.  I figured 9 on Saturday, 8 on Sunday.  Pushing it, but apparently I write better under pressure.  First thing I do before getting started is check my email.  There is something from my boss about needing other articles right away.  So I get in touch with him, he is in Europe already up for hours, and ask whats up.  12 articles ASAP of a completely different genre.  He will extend my deadline by 12 hours.
Now I blog for fun.  Keywords and SEO and all that mean little to nothing to me.  So even though these articles were easier to write in some ways, I have a hard time with working in the key words.  So I knocked out one, got dressed, ran to centro, did my shopping ran home and back to work.  With a few breaks here and there, my eyes start to hurt, I was more than halfway finished by 6 p.m.  Thats when I noticed that small clusters of people were assembling on my street.  Juanito and I went onto the corrider and saw that all of the neighbors kids, plus about 6 more, were also hanging out outside.  They called Juani over and explained that everyone was waiting for a parade to pass.  A parade that would be throwing out candies.
Our feria ended on Saturday, and the one in San Miguel began.  So floats from here had traveled there and were now on the way back.  Yippee. I left Juani with the kids and went back to work.  Problem is I am a nervous nellie and it was dark.  After the 5th time going outside to make sure no one had kidnapped him, I decided to just join the party.

 At this moment I had no idea where most of these kids came from.
The Clown.

Now I do not know much about how this works, but it seems that each of the floats was home to a queen of something.  For example, the police had one, the army had one, etc.  I tried to get shots of the more elaborate ones in the parade, but there really was a lot.

We, and by we I mean Juanito, myself and a dozen kids, ran with the parade as it headed up the street. The kids were in pursuit of the candy that was being hurled off of the floats, I was in pursuit of the float that was tossing bags of cooking oil.  Before I realized it, we were all the way up by the park and I had not bothered to lock the gate at home.  By now the only kid in my sight was Juani, so I grabbed him and we headed back home.  
I stopped first at the neighbors to make sure her kids had all made it. They had plus a handful of others.  I asked her what was going on and she explained that her servientes mother was in the hospital and no one was available to watch all her kids, so she had a bunch staying with her.  Knowing the limited space she already has in the house, I took 2 girls to spend the night in our house.  They were a delight.  I did notice though that the younger of the 2 had recently been strapped across the back.  Not a nice thing to see on a little girl.
And yes, by around 2 A.M. I had handed over all 12 of the extra articles.
Sunday morning was quiet and I got a little sleep and then back to my law articles.  I walked Juani over to a school friends house to play in the afternoon.  After an hour they were both back at my house.  We have more toys. Grandma was thrilled and I think I made a new friend of her.  Working working working on the articles.  By 8 I went back next door to get my girls for another night.  They were happy to come over and have some pancakes and watch TV with Juanito while I worked.  My favorite moment of the weekend was hearing the little girl singing as she took a shower.  Such joy from a baby who obviously has a hard life already.
About an hour after they left Monday morning, the little one was back.  She headed straight to Juanito and they started a game of Monopoly.  She was so good and they played so well together that I honestly can not say how long she was here.  I fed them both lunch before anyone from next door came to retrieve her.  I went back that night, but the kids had all gone home.  My neighbor and her husband and I discussed the poor manner in the way they are being raised.  I told them to go ahead and tell the mother to give me the 2.  I have the room.  I hope she goes for it. Apparently they have at least 10 kids in the house already.
An interesting, out of the ordinary weekend for us with kids galore. And yet I still finished my article quota.  I should get going on this weeks now, but here I am instead and when I finish this I am going to watch last weeks Grey's Anatomy episode.  Let's hear it for procrastinating.


Mel said...

Hi - I have followed your blog for a long time! I am in Nicaragua now and think mid December I will be heading to el Salvador. I wondered where you were, and if you thought I was crazy to come to the country (some say it is a bit unsafe and you have mentioned a gang problem in your area). I wanted to go to San Salvador and el Tunco areas. If you have any recommendations, it would be much appreciated. You can find me on my blog or private message me at melmomentum at gmail dot com. My blog is with the comment. Thanks for any advice you can give! Mel

skotch said...

That is one scary payaso!