Sunday, November 17, 2013

The Communion, The Girlfriend and the Toreado

The big event has finally come and gone.  Thank Goodness.  It was really stressing me out.  Get this, do that, it was almost like preparing for a wedding.  But my son has finally made his first communion.  And I have finally laid eyes on the mysterious Andrea, the young lady who has stolen his affections.

This is early on waiting in line to give confession.  When we first arrived I was relieved that all of the other boys were also wearing the bow tie as Juanito and I fought all morning about it.  
After the confession.  Apparently he needed to confess being mean to his mommy, not doing his school work and one other secret thing.  He gets a plastic rosary and tiny bible as a reward.
A teacher a nun and a priest all walk into a bar...  Just kidding, but thats who they are.
One of his best buds from school.  Its when I see him next to someone that I realize why they call him chelito.
The girls, all wearing the same dress.  The tiny one in the middle with the big teeth is the object of Juanitos affections and the giver of the tiny hearts I always find in his pockets.

Now the boys turn
Trying to get a better shot of the girlfriend so that you can see that she is the only young lady going against the wishes of the nun by wearing makeup.  She is on to me though and shooting Juani the evil eye.  Again, the little one to the right of the boy with the big head.

Lets hear it for the boys.
From here the ceremony commenced but we were asked to not take any more pictures.  The girlfriends father was in charge at this point of taking all photos and would be happy to sell them to any interested parent.  As if the communion hadn't already cost enough.  Interesting side note, girlfriends father is a frequent visitor to the restaurant where Juan works, and has been thrown out by him in the past for acting a fool while drunk.
We have the certificate, so I guess that makes it official.

The entire thing took place at the school which I thought was odd.  Why all the fuss if we weren't going to be at the big church in centro?  But it was still a complete mass and I actually almost fell over when I drifted off to sleep while standing up.  I hope no one noticed.

It's carnival time here in Gotera and of course that means that the bullfight, one of my favorite ES activities, is in town.  Plan was for me to take Juanito there tonight to celebrate.  My luck though some dumbass shot another dumbass over a seat Thursday night so the governement shut it down.  Carnival starts in San Miguel next week, so maybe I will take him to that one instead.  We have never been before, might be fun.

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Melisa said...

He looks so handsome este chelito! Well I hope carnival migueleño will be fun, I will be there to enjoy in two weeks. Jennifer I hope everything is going well your way and God bless you and your son! Hope I can come and meet you while I'm there. Tell Juanito que ser chelito no es mal.....