Thursday, November 7, 2013

Snakes, Lizards and Suits

It seemed like a typical morning.  Juanito struggled to get out of bed.  I was trying to do a 100 things at once.  And then the sigh of relief as the school bus beeps its horn.  With a swift kiss, I send him out the gate.  But then the busdriver screams my name and tells me to be careful.  There is is culabra, or snake.  Where?  I am gripped in sudden fear, thoughts of a boa constrictor hanging from the rafters behind me.  He is pointing to the gate and as I step outside to take a closer look I see it:

 Now I am not one to scare easily, but I have seen my fair share of Discovery shows where a snake just darts out its head and bites the dumb guy who grabbed it.  So I opted for a stick, and yes the goal was death.  But as I hit him he just stuck his tongue out and slithered off into the garden.  When the bus came back drop off Juanito in the afternoon, all of its occupants where craned out the windows trying to see if they could see it.

Later that same day Mr. "Dont consider the consequences at all" brought home a lizard. Because I don't have enough work with the 2 dogs and a cat.  I don't mention the turtles because they require no work. I think this is an iguana, but who the hell knows, its green and its a reptile.
Juani is thrilled with his new pet and wants to put in on a leash.  I want to open the box while he is asleep and let it loose out front.  Maybe it will eat the snake.

Wednesday was an exciting day as we also got the package that my good friend C sent from the U.S. with the clothes I needed for Juanitos communion next week.  He hates dressing up so had great fun being funny for the camera.  It is perfect, just needs some hemming in the pants.

The communion is giving me a lot of stress.  I haven't been to one since my own back in the '70's.  Here they are requiring arm bands? and candles.  Really?  20 something kids are all going to walk in procession carrying lit candles?  I think I may to buy some type of flame retardent to douse Juanito in as well.

Can't wait to see what surprises await me today.


Stephanie G said...

Your son is such a cutey!!! I would have had a heart attack if that snake was in my yard. We had a scorpion in my living room and I didn't walk in there without socks and tennis shoes with all lights on for a month. LOL

Anonymous said...

Your little man is so cute!!

Anonymous said...

That snake is pretty! And i think he eats pests. Keep him around!!

Lauren said...

Or it will eat the lizard. Funny!

Randal Barber said...

Whoa, that was close! Even if you’re not the type who’s easily scared of exotic animals, it's always best to be cautious around one. Anyway, I am not sure either if Juanito’s newfound friend is an iguana, because it looks so little in the photo. Does he still have it?

Randal Barber @ Poggi's Animal House