Friday, June 29, 2012

Customer Appreciation Day 06/29/2012

It's been a while but I really wanted to share this for Spanish Friday. Check out Tracey's : those are a very popular cookie here.

If I give it away, I lose my earnings for today.
If I give it on credit, I lose what is mine.
If I give a loan, when it is paid back it is done with hard feelings.
For this, I don't give away, give credit, or loans.

More or less, that is what the sign says. I hope they get the point.


Mexi-can Me. said...

Is that outside your store?

rubireyes said...

I'm sorry, I guess I should have said that. Yes it is a new sign in my store that Juan found in centro.

Marcela said...

I'm sure this is one of your biggest difficulties of owning a shop in El Salvador!

Esmerelda777 said...

I need one of these for my mother in law. She's too much of a softy - gives FIADO to people who've been to the U.S. and back, have husbands there but are 'down on their luck' and then never pay back. She's as poor as them - let them borrow from someone else. Imagine one of these women going to a tienda in the U.S. asking to buy "fiado"? They'd laugh her out of the store.

Tara said...

Your sign is Perfect!

Tracy / said...

That would be difficult for me but it makes good business sense.