Friday, March 23, 2012

Customer Appreciation Day 03/23/2012

TGIF. A Spanish Friday post for For the English version you know what to do.

Un niño de seis años
Él: "Una corta pan dulce"
Yo: "¿De cuale cipote?"
Él: "Pan dulce" ahora el es gritando. Tal vez piensa que yo soy sordo.
Yo: con un suspiro "Si vo, pero de cuale? Ay semitta, tostada, donut."
Él: "Pan dulce!!" todavia esta gritando.
Yo: "Vaya" y puse dos pedazos de semitta en una bolsa. Ahora él me dio un billete de un dólar.
Él: "¿cabal?"
Yo: "No, espere." y yo a conseguir su vuelto.
¿Por qué mandar a este cipote cada dia?

La pantalla de pan justo en frente de él.

A six year old boy
Him: "One quarter of sweet bread"
Me: "What kind?"
Him: "Sweet bread." Now he is yelling. Maybe he thinks I'm deaf.
Me: With a sigh. "Yes, but what kind? I have semitta, toasted, donuts."
Him: "Sweet bread!" He is still yelling.
Me: "Fine" and I put two pieces of semitta in a bag. Now he hands me a dollar bill.
Him: "That's right?"
Me: "No, wait" and I go get him his change.
Why do they send this kid to my store everyday?


Tracy / said...

LOL! I would love to make a documentary about your customers. It would be hilarious but touching, too :)

skotch said...

What is semita? My dictionary says it means Semitic. Is it a

rubireyes said...

Semita is a type of sweet bread. It looks like a small log, and is covered with sugar and cinamon. It is the bread usually served at wakes.

skotch said...

Ok, this explains it, and i guess the real spelling is cemita:

I think I have had this before, with pineapple anyway.