Friday, December 2, 2011

Customer Appreciation Day 12/02

Today I am participating in 's Spanish Friday. For English just scroll down:
Los chicos de la construcción se han ido (muy triste) y la nueva tienda ha abierto (por suerte es una ferretería). Ahora nos sirven el almuerzo a sus empleados de lunes a viernes. Estoy agradecido por el cliente que la voz de que nuestra comida era buena. Esto me llevó a tocar hoy una orden de 73 platos del almuerzo. 63 carne asada y pollo 10. Trabajo duro, pero bien vale la pena! Esperemos que haya mas.

Cocinando pollo
Cooking Chicken

Mucho Carne

A lot of Meat

Mucho chirimol para encima de carne
A lot of pico de gallo to put on top of the meat

Una olla grande de arroz
A big pot of rice

Mucho Ensalada
A lot of salad

Listo para llevar

Ready to go
The construction guys have gone away (very sad) and the new store has opened (thankfully it is a hardware store). Now we serve lunch to their employees Monday through Friday. I am appreciative of the customer who spread the word that our food was good. This got me a catering gig today for 73 lunch plates. 63 carne asada and 10 pollo. Hard work but well worth it! Hopefully there will be more.


Tara said...

WOW! I am impressed! How exciting!!!!!! I have a feeling word will continue to spread and you are going to stay busy. I hope you don't get too busy to blog. (LOL, selfish i know...)
Congrats on landing this job and all your hard work you put into it.

Jennifer Brunk said...

Your post made me hungry. The pico de gallo looks delicious! There is nothing like word-of-mouth advertising, so I hope those 73 spread the word!

Lisa n Javi said...

Wow you are a busy lady. Everything looks good, I am getting hungry now.

Kaelmoc said...

Wow a lot of work!! but the food looks soooo delicious!! I have to stop by your tienda one of this days :)

jules said...

You are amazing! Before you know it, you'll be opening your own little comedor.

Loving the D.A.R.E. tshirt too, lol

Jackie said...

That's wonderful! I admire how you're able to "work from home." I wish I could come up with something I could do from home.

Isolated Existence. said...

Wow, you business is getting bigger and bigger! I agree with Jules, soon you'll have you own comedor! So happy for you :-)