Friday, October 7, 2011

Customer Appreciation Day 10/07

Once again participating in 's Spanish Friday. If you have never visited the site go check it out. It is awesome!
For the English version scroll down:

Julietta es el ganador de esta semana el Día de Agradecimiento al cliente. Su sonrisa ilumina mi puerta todos los días. Cada vez que aparece en mi puerta, ella le pregunta cómo estoy y qué estoy haciendo. A ella le encanta probar mi "americano" de cocina y me paga por traerme platos de comida los fines de semana. Julietta es una de esas personas con calor humano que me ha hecho sentir bienvenido.

Julietta is the winner of this weeks customer appreciation day. Her smile brightens my doorstep everyday. Everytime she shows up at my door she asks how I am doing and what am I doing. She loves to try my "American" cooking and repays me by bringing me plates of food every weekend. Julietta is one of those warm caring people who has made me feel welcome here.


Jackie said...

I really like the name "Julietta." She sounds as if she definetly deserves to be chosen as this weeks' winner. Good for you that you have such nice customers. :)

Isolated Existence. said...

I'm glad Julietta brightens your day and enjoys your cooking. We always need someone like that in our lives. I used to have a neighbor like that, she was from Guatemala. I miss her cooking a lot.

Isolated Existence. said...

Me olvidé dejar mi link con mi Spanish Friday post.

MiAmorMiVida said...

I believe I found your blog through another blog! I Love it so much! I actually created a blog just so I could be in better contact with the few blogs I read. Thank you for your amazing blog!


rubireyes said...

Gracias miamor, I "joined" your site and am looking forward to reading more from you.